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Does Lakeland, FL Have Hard Water?

Lakeland, Florida, a city known for its beautiful lakes and vibrant community, faces a less talked about but equally important issue: hard water.

The city relies on 19 deep wells—13 at the T.B. Williams Water Treatment Plant (WTP) and 6 at the C.W. Combee WTP—that are drilled 750 feet into the Floridan aquifer According to the latest water quality report, the total hardness of Lakeland’s water from the Combee Water Treatment Plant is is 216 mg/l from the raw water calendar year (218 for the fiscal year), and 150 mg/l (151 for the fiscal year) from the Williams Water Treatment Plant. This would classify the water to be hard to very hard.

Types of Houses in Lakeland and the Effects of Hard Water

Lakeland offers a mix of traditional Florida homes, ranch-style houses, and modern condos. Each of these housing types can be affected by hard water in different ways:

  1. Traditional Florida Homes: These homes often have older plumbing systems that can be severely impacted by mineral buildup, leading to reduced water flow and potential pipe damage.
  2. Ranch-Style Houses: These single-story homes usually have extensive garden areas. Hard water can affect both indoor appliances and outdoor irrigation systems.
  3. Modern Condos: Equipped with modern appliances, these units can suffer from reduced efficiency and lifespan due to hard water mineral deposits.

Are Water Softeners Popular In Lakeland?

Water softeners are a common fixture in Lakeland homes, as they help soften the water year-round. Culligan offers full-service installation and maintenance of your water softener, as well as a variety of options to choose from.

Well Water vs. Municipal Water in Lakeland

Lakeland provides both well water and municipal water to its residents. Well water is more likely to be hard as it comes directly from the ground and may contain a variety of minerals. Municipal water, on the other hand, goes through treatment processes but can still be hard depending on the source and treatment methods. Therefore, the type of water you have could influence the extent to which you experience hard water issues.