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Why Choose Reverse Osmosis Filters For Your Tampa Bay Home?

Our water filters are second to none. But the real secret: We make water treatment easy.

  1. Expert Installation. Easy To Use.

    Culligan has been in the water treatment service business for more than 85 years…and it’s all we do. Your local Culligan delivers, installs and maintains your reverse osmosis filtration system for you, so you don’t have to! No worries about shipping damage, unboxing, or installation location. We also offer maintenance and filter changes annually.

  2. Unmatched Performance + Custom Solutions.

    How many water filters have you been through over the years? Many off-the-shelf filters only reduce the most common impurities in your Tampa Bay area, such as chlorine. Culligan’s drinking water systems address the unique content of your water, filtering 99% of all water contaminants at less cost, with unmatched durability and less hassle over the course of the product lifecycle.

  3. Why Reverse Osmosis Drinking Water Filters Over Pitcher/Faucet Mount Styles?

    RO filters are one of the most reliable methods of eliminating drinking water contaminant(s) that can be harmful to your health.  These are pervasive in many water supplies across the country and include lead, PFAS, arsenic, volatile organic compounds, and other emerging problems that store-bought filters will not remove.

  4. Why Price Tags Are Deceptive

    Unless you were an expert installer, you wouldn’t buy a water heater directly off Amazon. However, big box retailers, both in-store and online, take this transactional approach to homeowners for reverse osmosis water filters. They offer you low price tags for incentive. But what they don’t tell you about are the installation hassle, the third-party customer service on both ends, and how you’re left to your own devices to maintain your system – don’t forget, your home is unique. There is no one-size-fits-all solution. If you truly want to save throughout the life of your system, go with the expert!

Local Water Problems

Tampa Bay Water Issues

In recent water quality reports, PFAS has become an issue for homeowners. Learn how these “forever chemicals” find their way into your tap water.

Chloramine is a chemical variant of chlorine that contains ammonia, and is generally safe to drink and use around the home in the same way traditional, chlorine-treated tap water would be.

Where is that rotten egg smell coming from — and how can you get rid of it?

Are your home’s water fixtures, showers, toilets and dishes plagued by hard water stains?

Lead is a major issue in water pipes across the country.

Acidic water can be a problem within your home, causing metallic and sour taste, stained laundry or blue/green stains in your sinks and other fixtures.

Iron (Fe) can drive Tampa homeowners crazy with its ability to make its way into a water supply, affecting everything from the metallic taste of food and drink to stains on clothing and fixtures.

One of the more dangerous water contaminants, arsenic can be toxic even in small levels over the long term.

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Top Products

The Most Popular Water Filters for Tampa Bay

Aquasential® Smart Reverse Osmosis Drinking Water Filtration System

  • 2-in-1 sediment and carbon filter screens out sediment and particles, reducing elements that cause water to taste and smell unpleasant, including the taste and odor of chlorine.
  • Reduces dissolved substances such as radium, arsenic V, and many others. Various capacity membranes available.
  • Optional specialty filters available providing a range of benefits including pH balance or the reduction of additional substances such as VOC, pharmaceuticals and mercury.
  • A second carbon filter ensures your drinking water is cleaner and fresh.
  • Manifold assembly molded using SteriTouch® resin, the patented single manifold ensures reliability and houses four separate filters.
  • Premium metal construction faucet has water quality alerts and filter life indicators in an easy to read display.
  • Durable, high-quality jacketed steel tank.
Culligan AC 30 Reverse Osmosis Filter

AC-30® Drinking Water System – 4 Stage Filtration

  • Reduces Chromium-6.
  • Saves money compared to using single-serve bottles from the store.
  • Go green by eliminating wasteful plastic bottles.
  • Improve the taste of coffee, tea, powdered drinks, soups, recipes and baby formula.
  • Free up valuable refrigerator space by eliminating pitchers and bottled water
  • Meets strict standards of NSF International and WQA.
  • Third-party certified to perform as promised and are backed by one of the most comprehensive warranties in the industry.
  • The Culligan® AC-30 Good Water Machine® is maintenance-free. Your local Culligan Man handles everything, and it comes with an elegant designer faucet in a variety of styles to match any kitchen.

The Proof

Why Do Tampa Bay Homeowners LOVE Us?

“Love the water softener and filter combo!

We also use the bottled water and I have been drinking it non stop! Great customer service.

– Olivia B., Zephyrhills
Star Star Star Star Star
“Good water pressure from the reverse osmosis unit.

I appreciated Carlos demonstration and his knowledge of the product. Plus the easy install of the reverse osmosis unit under the kitchen sink from the other professionals. Also matching our satin finish kitchen faucet with their faucet.

– James G., Wesley Chappel
Star Star Star Star Star
“ I highly recommend Culligan Water Conditioning.

The filtered water to the ice maker, refrigerator and sink mini faucet work perfectly. They come once a year to replace the filters under the sink.

– S.K., Tampa
Star Star Star Star Star

Water Filter FAQ

We Have Answers!

What is Chromium 6 and can Culligan equipment filter out Chromium 6?

Yes, chromium six (or hexavalent chromium) has recently been discovered in limited amounts in some water supplies. Chromium six is suspected of being a carcinogen, and should not be ingested at amounts above the federally mandated limits.  We have never been alarmists, but if you are concerned about the quality of the water you drink, you might want to consider a reverse osmosis system.  Reverse Osmosis is the only readily available system that removes up to 97% of Chromium-6. You can read more about it here.

What is Reverse Osmosis (R.O.)?

Reverse osmosis is a sophisticated multi-stage filtration system that is capable of removing up to 97% of all the dissolved minerals from your water.  It is designed to make water that is at least as good as the water you buy in bottles.  Many times, it’s even better.  This reduces waste in landfills by using less bottled water, making reverse osmosis environmentally friendly. You can read more about it here.

Is Reverse Osmosis water as good as bottled water?

Yes – The Culligan RO system uses multiple processes including Reverse Osmosis to make great tasting, low sodium drinking water. Reverse Osmosis removes about 97% of the TDS (Total Dissolved Solids) including salt and sodium from the water. Read the labels on bottled water and you will discover reverse osmosis is the same process used by most bottlers … so in effect … you really are getting … “bottled water without the bottle”.

I already have a filter in my refrigerator? Why do I need anything else?

Refrigerator filters are typically just carbon, and while carbon filtered water is better than no treatment at all, it is limited in what it can remove. Only reverse osmosis is capable of removing dissolved minerals and chemicals from your water. You can read more about this subject here.

Is filtered water considered purified water?

Filtered water and purified water are not quite the same thing. Filtered water may still contain minerals or other dissolved solids while having been purged from sediment, chlorine and other contaminants. Purified water may have been deionized or distilled to contain the highest level of purity. Culligan’s reverse osmosis systems remove 99% of all contaminants. Your water still may contain trace amounts of minerals.

Is a reverse osmosis filter an ion exchange filter?

Ion exchange filters are different than reverse osmosis filters. RO filters are a semi-permeable membrane that helps to remove contaminants, including bacteria, viruses, chlorine and other dissolved solids. Ion exchange filters work with a resin bed in Culligan Water Softeners. They remove minerals such as magnesium or calcium and replace them with sodium or potassium ions.

Does reverse osmosis remove lead?

Reverse osmosis is an effective method of removing lead. If you live in an area where the water supply is known to be contaminated with lead, or your home’s piping system may have lead fixtures, schedule a FREE water test today.

Does reverse osmosis remove chlorine?

Reverse osmosis is effective in removing chlorine from water. Chlorine is added to municipal water systems to disinfect the water from germs and contamination, but can alter the taste and odor of your tap water. Many people find this unpleasant. Reverse osmosis can take care of this.

What is the best water filter for nitrate reduction?

A reverse osmosis system is effective in treating and removing nitrates from your home’s water supply. The results may vary depending on the levels of nitrates in your water, and you should get your water tested by a Culligan expert to determine if a typical RO filter would work, or if a more advanced level filter is needed.

How long does an RO filter last?

Culligan recommends replacing your pre-filters and post-filters at least once a year, depending on your usage. The membrane filter, which is the main filter of your system, may last longer. Culligan offers RO filter maintenance services so you don’t have to worry about these issues. Customize your schedule to suit your needs and enjoy the best tasting water!

What is the installation time for Culligan reverse osmosis filters?

Generally, an RO filter can be installed within one day. This assumes connecting the system to water source and faucet is for a standard under-sink household application. Ensuring the system is properly calibrated is important, and you should not try to install Culligan Reverse Osmosis Filtration Systems without a licensed expert.