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What is Fluoride and Where Does it Come From?

Fluoride is a naturally occurring mineral that exists in various forms in the earth’s crust. It is commonly found in rocks and soil, and it can be released into the air, water, and food through natural processes. The primary sources of fluoride include minerals such as fluorite, fluorapatite, and cryolite.

Water sources, including rivers, lakes, and groundwater, can contain varying levels of fluoride because of the natural leaching from rocks and soil. While all water contains some fluoride, the levels can differ significantly depending on geographical and geological factors. In some regions, groundwater and natural springs may have naturally high levels of fluoride.

History of Fluoride in Tampa Tap Water

The introduction of fluoride into water supplies dates to 1945 in Grand Rapids, Michigan, marking the inception of a practice known as fluoridation. This process involves adding fluoride to municipal water supplies, with concentrations ranging between 0.7 and 1.2 parts per million (ppm), a range considered both safe and effective for dental health. Notably, the 0.7 ppm concentration is widely acknowledged as the safest level, providing the optimal range for preventing tooth decay. Tampa introduced fluoridation in 1988.

Benefits of Fluoride in Tampa’s Tap Water

Tampa, like many cities across the nation, adheres to this range, with 0.7 ppm recognized as the safest and most effective level for preventing tooth decay. The city’s commitment to this optimal concentration reflects a meticulous balance between promoting dental health and addressing any potential concerns associated with higher fluoride levels.

Proven to protect teeth, fluoride counteracts acid produced by mouth bacteria from sugary foods. This acid weakens tooth enamel, increasing cavity risk. Fluoride rebuilds and strengthens enamel, preventing cavities and even restoring tooth surfaces.

Community water fluoridation adjusts water fluoride to recommended levels for decay prevention. While other fluoride products exist, water fluoridation is the most cost-effective, reducing tooth decay by 25% in all ages, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)

Benefits extend across ages: for children, fluoride strengthens developing adult teeth; for adults, it supports enamel, reducing cavities, severity, need for dental procedures, and associated pain and suffering.

The Dangers of Fluoride in Tap Water

While the CDC strongly support water fluoridation, it is crucial for Tampa residents to be informed about both its benefits and potential concerns of fluoride in their tap water. A study published by the National Library of Medicine reports “Excess amounts of fluoride ions in drinking water can cause dental fluorosis, skeletal fluorosis, arthritis, bone damage, osteoporosis, muscular damage, fatigue, joint-related problems, and chronicle issues. In extreme conditions, it could adversely damage the heart, arteries, kidney, liver, endocrine glands, neuron system.”

Fluoride Removal Solutions for Tampa Homes

For Tampa residents who are concerned about fluoride in their tap water, various water treatment methods are available to specifically address and remove water additives like fluoride. One such effective method is the use of reverse osmosis systems.

Reverse osmosis systems provide Tampa homeowners with a reliable solution to control the fluoride levels in their drinking water. By utilizing a semi-permeable membrane, these systems effectively filter out impurities, ensuring that the water meets desired safety standards. This becomes especially pertinent for individuals who wish to take proactive measures in managing their fluoride intake or have specific concerns related to potential health impacts.


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